Bio-metric Fingerprint Door Lock

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December 19, 2017
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Heavy Duty Fingerprint Lock-Opens by Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, or Key Code. Comes in a Complete Set for DIY Installation. Deadbolt Lock for Double the Security and more.


Product Description:

This bio-metric fingerprint door lock with deadbolt features 3 forms of entry which are fingerprint, access code, and key. This is one of the highest quality in door entry security.

Losing or misplacing your keys is extremely easy and poses a huge security risk. Not to mention, standard door handle and lock systems can be easily picked.

With the Aegis Fingerprint Door Lock, access is granted by a state of the art, 3D optical sensor that can’t be broken into and was designed to guard your home, office, or business.

For those who need it, PIN Code or Key Entry options are also available as a backup for triple security.

The thoughtful design of using a high grade fireproof aluminium body and double layer lock panel is just a symbol of the trust you can place in the Aegis Fingerprint Door Lock. This itself represents heavy duty and  high quality security.

Throw in a deadbolt lock to double the protection and you have one of the most impregnable fingerprint systems known to man. This Fingerprint Door Lock is impossible to break into. For those who have clearance, access is easy and only takes a few seconds.

You are dealing with a trusted Australian owned and operated company which prides themselves on providing customers with great quality products at a competitive price, and with fantastic service.